Fitness for Seniors by Seniors…


In our contemporary culture, fitness has come to mean looking good and feeling good. However, for seniors “fitness” requires a different understanding. For us being fit is mainly about being healthy so we can enjoy life to its fullest.

Our history and social conditioning have fostered a unique group mind-set, one that sets us apart. We have absorbed the knowledge and shared the experiences of every generation that we have passed through since our births. We have acquired a shared wisdom that only we can appreciate. Furthermore, we are proud for having done what it has taken to get to be this age and grateful for the extra life we get to live.

Because only we truly know ourselves, it is time that we seniors take the lead in guiding our fitness activities. We know best what we can and can’t do, when to move ahead or to hold steady. We know what we like and don’t like. We know what empowers us to do our best. And we know how to have good clean fun and lots of laughter. Embracing the concept of fitness for seniors by seniors is empowering.

The mission of Great Senior Fitness is to inspire seniors to step up to a stronger, healthier body and a sharper mind, regardless of the challenge or the circumstance. EVERYONE can be more fit in one way or another.


  • 3 upbeat exercise DVDs feature everyday seniors doing their personal best and enjoying themselves. You can use these DVDs “as is” for in-home exercise, or to help you gain the confidence to take a class.

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»  You Can Do Aerobics
»  Stretch Anywhere
»  Workout Sitting Down


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  • 70 Things to Do When You Turn 70” presents 70 inspiring essays from people 70+ (including me) who are living and enjoying rewarding lives. My essay is “Fitness First”.

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  • Everyone benefits from exercise of one kind or another. Some people get the dramatic, life-changing results, some just feel better. You will know this is true as you watch these 29 real seniors tell their stories.

Be inspired by heart-felt stories from real seniors:
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  • The free Special Report, “Brain Fitness — 21 Ways to Strengthen Your Brain and Sharpen Your Mind”, critiques the state of brain knowledge, addresses confusing claims and gives you ideas for improving your own memory and reaction time.
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My coaching goal is to address your concerns and to find solutions with you that will let you move forward into your own personalized fitness lifestyle.

I trust you will find value for yourself in this website and with the products we have made for you. What I offer is given from my heart and from the hearts of the students who volunteered to be in the DVDs to encourage you to just “go for it”.

With kind regards,

Caroline Anaya, B.S., M.S.